WP1 Data Management

WP1 Data Management is devoted to create useful, reusable and high quality datasets of
recorded aircraft trajectory information. These datasets are themselves a valuable
deliverable of the project, since the difficulties existing in any data-driven efforts to start with
a high quality and well documented dataset from operational source are well known. WP1
will be generating datasets iteratively along the project and provide them to the other two
research WPs (WP2 and WP3). It will start with smaller and simpler datasets. The size and
complexity of the datasets will increase accordingly to the feedback from WP2 and WP3.
The datasets will comprise raw data obtained from the ATM surveillance infrastructure and
synthetic data generated offline thanks to the exploitation of the initial set of raw data. An
important aspect is that the datasets will be accompanied by detailed data and metadata
descriptions and a visual tool that will ease inspection, evaluation and exploitation of each
dataset by data scientists. The following specific research objectives will be addressed in
this WP: SRO1; SRO2; and SRO6.