Research Objectives

The following specific research objectives [SRO] have been defined:

  • Definition of requirements for the input datasets needed. The requirements will consider the trajectory prediction accuracy expected. [SRO1]
  • Study of the application of big-data techniques to trajectory related data gathering, filtering,
    storing, prioritization, indexing or segmentation to support the generation of reliable and
    homogenous input datasets [SRO2]
  • Study of different data-driven learning techniques to describe how a reliable trajectory
    prediction model will leverage them [SRO3]
  • Formal description of the complexity network to support correlated multiple trajectory
    predictions [SRO4]
  • Study of the application of agent-based models to the prediction of multiple correlated
    trajectory predictions considering complexity network [SRO5]
  • Description of visualization techniques to enhance trajectory data management capabilities
  • Exploration of advanced visualization processes for data-driven model algorithms
    formulation, tuning and validation, in the context of 4D trajectories [SRO7]