DART Final Deliverables

The DART Consortium took the decision of publishing confidential deliverables via its website, so that all its results will be available to the research community.

These deliverables do not include confidential deliverables explaining details on the data-driven and agent-based methods developed, although these methods are succinctly presented together with evaluation results in documents shared.

The final version of deliverables can be download from this links:

Deliverable D1.1 – Data Management Plan
Deliverable D1.2 – Data Transaction Pipeline Description
Deliverable D1.3 – DART Data Pool
Deliverable D1.4 – Synthetic Data package
Deliverable D1.5 – Visualization Exploration Report
Deliverable D2.2 – Visual Interface for Algorithms Analysis
Deliverable D2.4 – Evaluation and Validation of Algorithms for Single Trajectory Prediction
Deliverable D3.1 – Collaborative Trajectory Prediction Scenarios and Requirements Specification
Deliverable D3.3 – Evaluation and Validation of Collaborative Trajectory Prediction Algorithm
Deliverable D4.1 – Project Management Plan
Deliverable D4.2 – Dissemination Plan
Deliverable D4.3 – Project website, wiki, social media channels
Deliverable D4.4 – Dissemination Report

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